Our Prediction for Miss USA 2013



All the contestants did a phenomenal job during the recently concluded preliminary competition of Miss USA 2013, held Wednesday night.  It’s an exceptional group of contestants this year and narrowing the field to just sixteen will not be an easy task.  Our choices are based purely on their performances, taking into consideration what we think the votes of the members of the Miss Universe Organization will be.

First up, ALABAMA – If we have to choose one word to describe Mary Margaret, it will have to be “perfection”!  This woman’s got it all!  We would have preferred that she wore a totally different evening gown but she managed to pull it off.

Come join us, MINNESOTA – Wow, what a performance!  This young lady was one of our top choices before the preliminary competition and managed to secure her spot with her outstanding performance.  Class, class and more class.

It’s your turn, UTAH – This woman did really well.  Her gown and styling was spot on and we think she surprised a lot of people.

Next up, WASHINGTON – Cassandra did a phenomenal job!  Her body is amazing and she rocked that green gown.  She was flawless and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

You can relax now, SOUTH CAROLINA – Megan is a Miss Teen veteran and her experience helped her prepare for this competition.  Her evening gown is one of the best of the evening.

You’ve been waiting for this, VIRGINIA – Shannon is one of many amazing blonds this year.  She was a little bit overdone on the styling side but it did not hurt her performance whatsoever.

Please welcome, ARKANSAS – She’s such a doll.  She came across a little timid but we think she did well nonetheless.  Arkansas made the semi finals 3 times out of the last 4 years and we think Hannah will keep the streak going.

We’re calling on, GEORGIA – Another Miss Teen veteran, Brittany came very well prepared.  She knew how to work the crowd and her styling was perfect.

Come on down, WEST VIRGINIA – Amazing!  She did not disappoint.  Chelsea was 4th runner up at Miss Teen USA 2007 and her experience paid off.

Yes it’s you, MONTANA – One of the biggest surprise of the evening, Kacie showed everyone that being an underdog can work to her advantage.  Her evening gown was perfect.  She carried herself well and many people took notice.

Moving forward with, KENTUCKY – Allie is just adorable.  This 19-year-old walking Barbie doll is one of the youngest contestants this year.  She has an amazing stage presence and we know she’ll do well.

Up next, NEVADA – Chelsea did a great job.  She looked amazing on her strapless black sequin gown.  It always helps to have the crowd on your side since she is representing the host state.

The dream is still alive for, OKLAHOMA – The Sooner State always sends very well prepared and amazing contestants and Makenzie is no exception.  She did well during the competition but seemed to have had a tough time walking in her mermaid evening gown.

Let’s invite, TEXAS – Ali has one of the prettiest faces in this year’s pageant.  As always, the Lone Star State sent a strong contender,  however, we believe that in order for Ali to move even further in the competition, she needs to work on her stage presence.  She needs more spark on stage.

Only two left, one of which is, LOUSIANA – Kristen did a good job.  It probably helped that she had the largest delegation of cheerers in the audience.

And the final spot belongs to, CONNECTICUT – Here’s another pretty face and an early favorite for the title.  Erin’s gown did not exactly blew us away but she showcased it really well.

There are some dark horses that could potentially make the cut.  They include Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maine and California.

If we have to predict who will become Miss USA 2013, it’s going to be between Alabama, Minnesota, Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina.  But we think Mary Margaret McCord of Alabama has the best chance.

Good luck to all the ladies!